Weetabix, Train, Palindrome

If we were so inclined, this whole episode description would be a palindrome, but it’s not. Instead it’s just a rehash of the title, letting you know that we will be working out the opposite of Weetabix, of trains, and...

Kangaroo, Y Fronts, Vitamin D

This week we spend a lot of time talking nothing but pants. Throw in a kangaroo, and some Vitamin D, and you have a brand new episode to enjoy. Please share it too.

Book, DVD, Scissors

This week we work out the opposite of a book, the opposite of a DVD, and the opposite of scissors. Please share and enjoy.

Magnum, Magnum, Magnum

This week we work out the opposite of Magnum. We also work out the opposite of Magnum. And we also work out the opposite of Magnum. We’re opus (hopeless, geddit?). Please share and enjoy.

Thunderbirds, Goo, Walnut

What’s a gooey walnut on Thunderbird 2 got to do with anything? Well, nothing, but we do work out the opposite of all three of those things this week. Share and enjoy.

Friends, Hard Drive, Sparkles

What happens when your friend’s hard drive begins to sparkle? That’s not something we can help with unfortunately, but we can work out the opposite of those three things, if that’s any help. No? Okay, sorry.

Crayon, Pine Cone, Lightsaber

What happens when you try and colour in a pine cone with a lightsaber crayon? We have no idea, so instead we just try and work out the opposite of those things. It’s easier, and more fun. Please share and...

Snowman, Snowball, Snowflake

There might be a theme this week, who snows? What’s the opposite of a snowman, of a snowball, and of a snowflake? Please share and enjoy.

Snow, Secret Santa, Christmas Carol

Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the feast of Stephen, where the snow lay round about, singing christmas carols. Fa la la la la la what’s the opposite of all that?

Parachute, Deviled Egg, Bed

The title of this episode sounds like a rather odd, but adventurous, to do list. But it’s just what we are working out the opposite of this week I’m afraid. Are we right? Please share and enjoy (responsibly).