Skips, F-Bomb, Organ

Trying to explain what Skips are is difficult, but we give it a damn good go, before we work out what is the opposite of Skips. Then we drop some F-Bombs, and play the organ. Please share and enjoy responsibly.

Pirate, Honey Dipper, Conker

Arrrrrr, there be pirates. And there be the opposite of pirates. And tis we who will be a’calculatin’ thems opposites. That, and then honey dippers and conkers. Arrrr.

Bus, Dust, Battery

Let’s all queue up to catch the opposite of a bus, and hope it’s not so late that we end up covered in dust and drained of our batteries. Yes, that’s right, this week we work out the opposite of...

Banana, Mustard, Pyramids

What’s the opposite of a banana? And how can a banana cause an hysterical existential crisis? There’s also calculations of the opposite of mustard, and the opposite of the Great Pyramids. Please share and enjoy.

Trainspotting, Polo, Bowl

We’ve got a lust for life, because we were born slippy on a perfect day. That’s right, this week, we work out the opposite of the movie Trainspotting. On our travels, we also note down in our little pocketbooks, the...

Weetabix, Train, Palindrome

If we were so inclined, this whole episode description would be a palindrome, but it’s not. Instead it’s just a rehash of the title, letting you know that we will be working out the opposite of Weetabix, of trains, and...

Kangaroo, Y Fronts, Vitamin D

This week we spend a lot of time talking nothing but pants. Throw in a kangaroo, and some Vitamin D, and you have a brand new episode to enjoy. Please share it too.

Book, DVD, Scissors

This week we work out the opposite of a book, the opposite of a DVD, and the opposite of scissors. Please share and enjoy.

Magnum, Magnum, Magnum

This week we work out the opposite of Magnum. We also work out the opposite of Magnum. And we also work out the opposite of Magnum. We’re opus (hopeless, geddit?). Please share and enjoy.

Thunderbirds, Goo, Walnut

What’s a gooey walnut on Thunderbird 2 got to do with anything? Well, nothing, but we do work out the opposite of all three of those things this week. Share and enjoy.