Jelly, Grass, Postie

What if the mail carrier was delivering you some jelly, but dropped it all over your grass? That would be a nightmare. Don’t mail jelly. Instead, join us in working out the opposite of those things. Don’t share, and certainly...

Ginger Nuts, June, Witch

Would a witch eat a Ginger Nut in June? Well, that’s a question for another podcast, because it’s our task to work out the opposite of those things. Don’t share. Don’t enjoy.

Coat Hanger, Pangolin, Ibuprofen

An eclectic mix this week, as we work out the opposite of a coat hanger, the opposite of a pangolin, and the opposite of Ibuprofen. Don’t share, and don’t enjoy.

Beer, Quokka, Teardrop

Don’t cry into your beer, look there’s a delightful Quokka over there smiling at us. What a way to spend the day as we work out the opposite of all those things. Don’t share this.

Space Hopper, Biro, Deely Boppers

Slip your biro in your shirt pocket, put your deely boppers on nice and straight, then clamber on to your space hopper and bounce on down to the funkiest podcast about opposites in town.

USB Stick, Death Star, Nail Clippers

Which is more deadly? A USB stick? The Death Star? Or nail clippers? There’s no way of knowing, so instead we just work out the opposite of those things. It’s more fun anyway. Don’t share.

Otter, Birds Of A Feather, Swingball

What happens when an otter plays Swingball whilst watching an episode of Birds of a Feather? No idea, but we’re pretty sure we can work out the opposite of that. Don’t enjoy.

Cornetto Tips, Whoppers, Badminton

What’s the opposite of a Cornetto Tip? What’s the opposite of Whoppers (not the burger)? And what’s the opposite of Badminton? This, and other pressing questions, all answered. Don’t share.

Toast Toppers, Dandelion & Burdock, Brick

There’s learning to be had in this week’s episode, including some etymology you might not expect. All this as we work out the opposite of Toast Toppers, of Dandelion & Burdock, and of a brick. Don’t enjoy.

McDonald’s, Scottish Accent, Puppet

What happens when a person with a Scottish accent, walks into a McDonald’s, with a glove puppet on their hand, and demands to know the opposite of such a scenario?