Big Brother, Cockneys, Teeth

Big Brother is watching. So hide all your cockneys, and brush your teeth. What? No, let’s just work out the opposite of those three things instead. Do not share, and certainly do not enjoy.

Gin And Tonic, Email, Purring

It’s a sunny day. You’re idly checking your email as you sup on a cool Gin and Tonic, with a purring cat sat on your lap. But what’s the opposite of all that? Don’t share, don’t enjoy.

Tube, Lancashire Hot Pot, French Fries

Which would you rather eat on The Tube? A Lancashire Hot Pot or some French Fries? More importantly, what’s the opposite of all those things? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. Don’t share. Don’t enjoy.

Saw, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Footpath

You’re walking down a footpath, enjoying the delectable taste of a penaut butter cup, wondering if you left the saw on at home. But what’s the opposite of that? That’s the question. Don’t share, and don’t enjoy.

Cupcakes, Father Brown, Umbrella

Can you imagine Father Brown, eating a cupckae, whilst clutching an umbrella? Now, can you imagine the opposite of that image? Well, there’s no need, because that’s what we’re here for. Don’t share. Don’t enjoy.

Ham, Well, Judge

These episode titles are starting to sound like what3words map references. Anyway, this week we work out the opposite of ham, the opposite of a well, and the opposite of a judge. Don’t share. Don’t enjoy.

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets, Hedgehog, Screwdriver

Would you eat a dinosaur chicken nugget with a screwdriver? Or a hedgehog? Both would be good for skewering them and picking them up. But, more importantly, what’s the opposite of those things? Don’t share. Don’t enjoy.

Tomato, Submarine, Vitamins

The new year brings new things to work out the opposite of. Thus, we sink our teeth into a juicy tomato, take a trip on a submarine, and make sure to take our vitamins. Don’t share, and don’t enjoy.

Toblerone, Cranberry Sauce, Mistletoe

Time to slather some cranberry sauce all over our Toblerones, and sit beneath the mistletoe and wait for our kisses. Or, don’t do that, just listen to two idiots work out the opposite of those things instead. Don’t share, and...

Rudolph, Gun, Bamboo

Would you rather Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer was brandishing a gun or some bamboo? Or would you rather listen to two (well, one and half) idiots work out the opposite of those three things instead? Don’t share, and definitely...