Fish And Chips, Stoppit And Tidyup, Ben And Jerry’s

It’s a bit of an ‘n episode this week, as we work out the opposite of things separated by ‘ands’. What’s the opposite of fish and chips, of Stoppit and Tidyup, and of Ben and Jerry’s? Are we right? Come...

Starship Enterprise, Dungarees, Jimmy Carr’s Laugh

It’s our mission to boldy work out the opposite of things that don’t have a natural opposite. To that end, we take on the NCC-1701 Starship Enterprise, dungarees, and Jimmy Carr’s distinctive laugh. Share and enjoy.

Mr Bean, Doom, Cluedo

It’s an eclectic mix this week, as we work out the opposite of Mr Bean, the opposite of Doom, and the opposite of Cluedo.

Goose, Hologram, Lemon Drizzle Cake

Honk. What’s the opposite honk of a goose? Or a honking hologram? Or even a lemon drizzle honk? Let’s find out. Please share and enjoy.

Kryten, Number Plate, Snooker

In which we demonstrate momentarily, a total lack of knowledge about fictional butlers. But yes, we work out the opposite of square-headed mechanoids, of number plates, and of snooker. Are we right? Probably not.

Basketball, Worms, Thunder

This week, on the podcast of opposites, we work out the opposite of basketball. That means some discussion about the origins of basketball too, which is a fun story. Then we work out the opposite of worms, and the opposite...

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Podcast, Cat Treat

Rawr. We’re a dinosaur. Well, we work out the opposite of one anyway. And also the opposite of a podcast (how meta), and the opposite of a cat treat. Are we right? Probably not.

Terrible Lizards Trailer

Iszi has a new podcast, and it’s all about dinosaurs. Here’s a trailer, which you should listen to, then go and subscribe to Terrible Lizards and listen to the first two full episodes. The first one is about the T-Rex....

Red Arrows, Reading, Flavour Sachets In Dried Noodles

What’s the opposite of the Red Arrows? What’s the opposite of reading? And what’s the opposite of those little flavour sachets you get in dried noodles? Only one way to find out. Listen, enjoy, and share.

Sirens, 999, Smoke Alarm

Unable to record this week, we pull out the emergency recording we made ages ago, for just such situations. Enjoy.